Mac Youtube Downloader 2013 Review

Mac Youtube Downloader 2013Have you ever uploaded videos to Youtube and then lost the original video but you had no way to download it again from Youtube? This is something that I experienced recently and I literally searched over a dozen sites for software that is suitable. I purchased so many different bits of software and guess what, none of them were able to download a youtube video even though they promised they could. Seriously, how hard can the task be!!

I became increasingly frustrated because I needed to download something urgently. After a lengthy search for a mac youtube downloader I came across MacX Video Converter Pro.



Why is it so hard to find software that actually works?

I have no bloody idea. But I do feel your pain because I went through the same issue recently. I am writing this review in a positive light towards this company simply because their product worked for me. The others all promise that they can do it but it never works. One thing I did notice about this software is that it is updated regularly. All the others were outdated yet they had no problem to take my money! That disgusted me more than anything else.

Mac Youtube Downloader functionality with MacX Video Converter Pro actually works!

Ever watched a video on a website such as YouTube and really wished there was a way you could download it to your computer? Maybe you want to put it on your iPod to watch later? Most individuals agree that the website video downloader and convertor is the most popular feature that MacX Video Converter Pro offers. This is because it is fairly common for people to want to download videos from websites such as YouTube, but not have any idea how. Even if someone manages to get the video downloaded they end up not being able to video it anyway. MacX Video Converter Pro will not only download videos from any video sharing website, but it will convert them in order to ensure that you will be able to enjoy them right from your computer.

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What else is there to know about MacX Video Converter Pro?

Have you ever received an audio or video from a friend and tried to open it only to find out you can’t? Perhaps you had to download an audio recording and found out you couldn’t open it? Everyday Mac users encounter issues with receiving a file they are unable to execute.

Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro there’s hope as the software is capable of doing all of this and of course the all important task of being the best mac youtube downloader I have been able to find. In this MacX Video Converter Pro review I will discuss some of the basic features that I loved and to be honest I use all the time.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a conversion application for the Mac OS that is very rich in features. MacX Video Converter Pro has over 400 video and audio codecs built in as well as an HD video decoding engine.

It provides Mac users with a high quality, easy and efficient all-in-one video conversion solution.

This program can convert any of them following video and audio files including: MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVI, MPEG, MP4, H.264, MOV, FLV, F4V, RM, RMVB, WebM and Google TV, so that they are compatible with Mac computers, iMovie, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini,  iPod touch 5, iPod Classic, PSP, Apple TV and iTunes.

This means that a user can use this application to make virtually any audio or video file compatible to any device that uses the Mac operating system.

Macx Video Converter Pro Review 2013

Converts with Ease

The thing that most people do not like about convertors is how long they take or how difficult they can be to use. Fortunately, neither of these are issues that an individual has to worry about with this program. In fact, this program does not require the assistance of any third party codecs or engines in order to convert video on the Mac OS X. The program is also extremely popular because it supports all of the popular SD video formats including: AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4 and MPEG. MacX Video Converter Pro makes these video files compatible with QuickTime, iTunes, and iMovie.


Transfers Compatible Videos

Regardless of what file format the video or audio file you have, this application can transfer it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best part is the fact that MacX Video Converter Pro will make sure that the video and audio being transferred is compatible with the device when it gets there. You will not have to make any effort or take any extra steps in order to make sure the videos can be played by your device when they get there.


Mac Youtube Downloader


Automatically Fixes Corrupted Data

MacX Video Converter Pro was designed to be able to automatically repair and corrupted audio or video files. This is a very unique feature that not many conversion tools offer. It makes the conversion process a lot more stable and reliable for the user.



Although my first reason for buying MacX video converter pro was because I was after a mac youtube downloader that actually works. I decided to do a MacX Video Converter Pro review simply because I am impressed but the software.

When it comes to downloading and converting video and audio files I am extremely impressed by this application and they deserve the credit rather than the crap that is available out there. Even individuals who know next to nothing about their computer accept how to browse the Internet are able to use MacX Video Converter Pro. It is a flawless application that provides the user with high quality video and audio output every single time they use it.

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