Viviscal Review 2016 – Is it really Breakthrough technology?

viviscal review
I have been fortunate for most of my life to have good hair but now that I’m heading into my late 30s I’m starting to notice some hair loss.

You know as well as i do there are literally dozens of websites on the internet promising what some market almost as a ‘divine intervention’ with each one promising they have the secret to miraculous hair growth. Needless to say, most of them are absolute BS. Believe me I’ve tried so many of them.

In today’s Viviscal review, I examine the Hair Growth Program and the corresponding product line, which is touted as ‘the secret to beautiful hair’ for men and women alike.

The Viviscal products are marketed separately for men and for women. Since men and women have a very different biology, Viviscal’s products have been engineered and custom tailored to meet the unique biology of men and women.

Both hair growth programs include hair growth nutritional supplements, hair filler fibers, shampoo and conditioner. The vitamin supplements are regarded as the primary core of the Viviscal hair growth system, as they’re designed to promote the growth of new, healthy strands of hair, while simultaneously nourishing your existing hair, particularly during the anagen or active growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

For me it was pretty much like taking any other vitamin tablets or protein powder as you would do before you go to the gym. Once you are in the habit of taking them it will become second nature.

Rob Kardashian from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ has been suffering from hair loss for some time now and he recently talked about it. Here is a short clip with Rob:


To fully understand how the nutritional supplements work, it’s important to understand how hair grows.

In humans, hair grows in three phases. Anagen is the active hair growth cycle, which can last between two to six years. Then, the hair stops growing and the blood supply detaches. That’s when the hair follicle shifts into the telogen or ‘resting’ phase, and the follicle goes into a state of dormancy for a period of one to four months.

At the conclusion of the telogen phase, the anagen phase resumes. The new hair strand begins to grow and ultimately, it pushes the long, old strand of hair out of the follicle, triggering the process known as shedding. At any given time, about 85 percent of the hair follicles are in the active growth phase, also called the anagen phase. It’s these hairs that are actively impacted by the Viviscal nutritional supplements.

A Viviscal Review Compared to Other Hair Products

Viviscal has the advantage of being a complete system, which provides users with a method to nourish their hair from the inside out with the nutritional supplements, in addition to treating the hair itself with shampoo and conditioner.

There’s also the hair fibers to help fill in the thin areas until the other elements take effect. Other hair products, like Toppik, XFusion and Casler keratin hair fibers, only provide a bit of fill-in for those thinning areas, but it won’t regrow hair or promote healthier, thicker locks. Then, other hair growth products, like Rogaine minoxidil topical treatment targets the follicles from the outside, but it doesn’t nourish the hair follicles from within. Plus, there’s no remedy for tending to those thin spots while you’re waiting for the product to take effect.

Laser combs are another popular hair growth product, but these are extremely expensive and they only stimulate additional growth; they won’t nourish existing hairs or improve the quality of your hair. So when examined from this perspective, Viviscal is a great choice because it covers all of the bases, providing optimal results both in the short term and in the long term.

My results

While some admit to getting results much quicker, I really only started to notice results after 3 months. The results are subtle but over the next coming few months i started to see a noticeable difference much like Rob Kardashian did. Specifically, i noticed the thin spots have definitely filled in and feel much thicker than before. You really need to be patient and be realistic with your hair re-growth expectations. You need to see this as a long term project to restore your hair and by long term i mean committing to it for at least 6 months. The results are definitely worth it.

If you are totally bald I personally don’t see this program helping you however if you have thinning hair and noticing it then you are probably the best candidate for this program.

Viviscal Reviews from Customers and Anecdotal Results

Across the board, Viviscal users report very positive results after using the Viviscal hair growth nutritional supplements. One Viviscal review author wrote, ‘I am in my third month now and this stuff is truly amazing! My hair feels so much thicker now. I used to use the hair fibers/powder to cover some thinner spots on my head and I don’t even need to use it anymore!’

Another customer wrote, ‘This product does work if you follow the directions! You have to take them two times a day….It took about two months before I saw results. Within five months, I had 3.25 inches of measurable new growth, less shedding and thin spots had filled in.’

Negative aspects of the product

The only negatives from online reviewers tends to surround Viviscal’s update to its formula, adding in new ingredients such as biotin and iron and this seems to be an issues with those that are sensitive to biotin which can cause a flare up in cystic pimples in individuals who are prone to this condition and have suffered from cystic acne in the past. Other than that, it’s definitely worth a try.

The final verdict

If you are after a hair growth supplement that is affordable then Viviscal is worth giving a shot whether you are a man or a woman. 

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Wix Review 2014

Wix ReviewWebsites can be difficult to build, but everyone needs an interactive and fun site. We have reviewed a popular website builder that is new on the scene. Wix has not been around as long as many other website builders, but they are easy to use. If you look at any of the website examples that Wix shows, you will see that they look professional.

Wix is not hard to use, and is perfect for many different entrepreneurs. They have layouts for musicians, photographers, writers, and many other small businesses. It can handle a large number of photos and offers both a paid version and a free version.

So, what did we do to make sure we knew exactly how this website could benefit you? We created a dummy site. This website builder offers many functions that can make your site customized to your needs. They do require a little bit of education and training, but after using their help function, I was able to make a unique site.

It is not surprising that Wix, only seven years old, has just fewer than 30 million registered users. In addition to that, roughly 30,000 users join Wix daily. It is effortless to build a site and gives you the ultimate freedom in design. That is exactly what the CEO and Founder, Avishai Abrahami had in mind.

Wix Review 2014

“Wix is already a powerful design and promotional tool that users worldwide are using to build successful and marketable websites. Building a website should be as effortless as everything else the web now offers, and Wix is about giving you’re the freedom to design the website you want with great looking results. It’s your personality, with a professional quality.” – Avishai Abrahami

What I like about Wix

There are so many pros to selecting Wix that it is hard to choose the top reasons you should take the risk with this company. However, I was able to find three areas that every website builder needs to have while putting together this Wix Review. They are professional templates, drag and drop, and support.

Wix impressed me greatly with their offerings of nearly 300 professional templates. Even more impressive, they even allow you to create your own design. They display a lot of creativity with their template designs. Most top what I have seen through many other design companies.

With a Drag and Drop interface, you can select functions and place them where you want them to go. You will see immediately how it looks. There is a small learning curve when using this Drag and Drop; however, it does not take long to understand.

Finally, with a technical site, having support is vital. The best part of Wix is their support features. You can find them everywhere and they address the exact need you have. I found it most useful to use the help feature in the section I was working on for answers that are more accurate.

What I dislike about Wix

Just like every product, Wix does have its downside. If you choose not to pay for the service, you will have ads. The ads are not subtle either. They are everywhere, on the sides and bottoms of your pages.

Be prepared to try several different templates before committing to one. That is because I found that once you select a template, you could not change your mind. This can be extremely frustrating; especially if you like to have the freedom to change the way your website looks on a whim.

Finally, I learned that if you want a site that can handle e-commerce, Wix is not the builder to go with. They do not have the tools that can handle a store that can notify customers, figure in shipping and taxes, and even handle the accounts receivable/accounts payable.

So, now that you know my basic review, let me dive into the in depth review. Wix is a website builder that offers a hybrid between static web pages and dynamic web pages. It is extremely interactive, but templates cannot change. It is important to have an interactive website because you want to attract clients and keep the traffic on your site.

True Ease of Use

I was not lying earlier that Wix is easy to use. The style of the website builder is a WYSIWYG, which stands for What You See Is What You Get. You do not have to guess what the page will look like when you are finished, and you do not have to fear coding problems.

It should take you no more than 30 minutes to become familiar with the site and how to use it. Then you should be able to create a simple site in another 30 to 40 minutes. The biggest suggestion I have is take your time and look at all of the different functions. It is completely overwhelming to start with, but if you allow yourself that 30 minutes in the beginning, your site will look better and you will have less stress in building.

Template Options

The templates Wix uses are HTML5, which is ideal because most people want an SEO site. HTML5 is SEO friendly and compatible with most mobile devices. They have enough pre-made templates to choose from that making your own is not necessary; however, you can create your own. Here is where I have problems with the pre-made templates. You cannot edit the templates to make them your own because you cannot access the coding. I prefer to have the ability to tweak something to make it completely my own.

Mobile Sites

I was completely impressed with the mobile site builder that Wix offers users. You have the ability to build a second site that is mobile and has the flexibility to be viewed on your desktop as one version and on your phone as another. You can have a setting on your mobile site that displays a phone receiver and when selected, your phone rings.

App Market

When you hear the word app market, you are probably like me and immediately think of games, books, and other things you find on mobile devices. Wix is a website builder that has an App market that allows you to find things to put into your website. These applications will expand your site, making it better than the competition in many ways. The apps are installed with a single click.

SEO Compatibility

As I stated earlier in the Wix Review, Wix uses templates made with HTML5, which is ideal for SEO usage. Search Engines prefer to search code and rank a site based on what the site offers. When you use an HTML5 site, there is nothing else you have to do to entice a crawler to check out your site.

Wix review on Price

As I stated earlier, Wix offers their site for free, but they do have subscription plans as well. If you have tried out the free level for a while and like it like I have, then you may want to look at one of their four packages. You have forever to decide, so research your decision, but know you will have access to many more features.

Each of their plans comes with a 14 day, risk free, trial to help relieve the stress of worrying if upgrading was the right decision.


Overall, I think this website builder is one of the best available. The support offered is great for beginners and the number of templates available is amazing. If you somehow cannot find one you like, you can always make your own.

Financially, it will allow a business to reach the online community without costing the owner anything. The only real reason ever to upgrade is to get rid of the obvious advertisements on the page.

I, for the most part, really like Wix and recommend it to those who want a simple, yet professional, website builder. It is free to start so there is no risk involved,


Lunarpages Review 2014 – Best hosting for you?

I have been hosting websites for over a decade now. Over time I have seen so many companies come and go. I have received recommendations from friends to join Hostgator amongst one of the many companies out there. I have also seen web hosting companies pop up throughout the last 10 years that have either gone out of business. I have remained loyal to Lunarpages and I would like to explain why in this Lunarpages review.

Who are Lunarpages?

The company has been in business since 1998.

Why do I like them?

Lunarpages has been in the business of web hosting for a very long time now. They have a team of technicians onsite that are extremely competent and knowledgeable in all facets of web hosting. All too often these days you will discover that web hosting companies outsource large proportions of their support leaving us in the dark.

What are their facilities like?

In this Lunarpages review I decided to add some more context by doing a little research about the company and I was frankly blown away to learn that Lunarpages actually own and operate their own data centers! That is almost unheard of. They have their own facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada.   Lunarpages Review 2013

How many staff members work there? What is customer service like?

I am unaware of how many people work at the company however I am aware that they have over 100 support staff. In the last 10 years I can honestly say that Lunarpages is renowned for its customer service experience. You don’t have to worry about being placed on hold to a non english speaking person. Their support staff know what they are doing! They are highly competent and technical. To date, I have never had a bad customer support experience with them. This is important especially if you are running multiple websites.

How do their web hosting prices compare to competitors?

As I was writing this Lunarpages review, I was pleased to discover their prices are extremely comparable to other providers. Honestly they are equally as cheap as most other providers out there. They provide all the same features that you would expect in hosting that includes unlimited plans and all the bells and whistles that go with hosting your site. Even their basic hosting plan comes with a free domain.

Lunarpages ReviewHow popular are they?

They have been around since 1998 now so they host loads of different websites. They are actually hosting approximately 150,000 domains. They are not the largest provider out there but I think this is what makes them stand out from the rest. A lot of hosting providers cram thousands of sites onto their servers. Lunarpages keep the servers running immaculately by not over utilising servers and cramming people on there. Speed and reliability is fantastic – or at least it has been for me from day 1!

In Conclusion

This isn’t the longest Lunarpages review you will find, but it doesn’t need to be. I have used Lunarpages for over a decade now and I have experienced reliability, knowledgeable and superior customer support and a rock solid environment that has kept my websites up and running. I would recommend them to any business or person wanting to host a site.

If reliability and rock solid hosting is what you are after, then you need Lunarpages

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Mac Youtube Downloader 2013 Review

Mac Youtube Downloader 2013Have you ever uploaded videos to Youtube and then lost the original video but you had no way to download it again from Youtube? This is something that I experienced recently and I literally searched over a dozen sites for software that is suitable. I purchased so many different bits of software and guess what, none of them were able to download a youtube video even though they promised they could. Seriously, how hard can the task be!!

I became increasingly frustrated because I needed to download something urgently. After a lengthy search for a mac youtube downloader I came across MacX Video Converter Pro.



Why is it so hard to find software that actually works?

I have no bloody idea. But I do feel your pain because I went through the same issue recently. I am writing this review in a positive light towards this company simply because their product worked for me. The others all promise that they can do it but it never works. One thing I did notice about this software is that it is updated regularly. All the others were outdated yet they had no problem to take my money! That disgusted me more than anything else.

Mac Youtube Downloader functionality with MacX Video Converter Pro actually works!

Ever watched a video on a website such as YouTube and really wished there was a way you could download it to your computer? Maybe you want to put it on your iPod to watch later? Most individuals agree that the website video downloader and convertor is the most popular feature that MacX Video Converter Pro offers. This is because it is fairly common for people to want to download videos from websites such as YouTube, but not have any idea how. Even if someone manages to get the video downloaded they end up not being able to video it anyway. MacX Video Converter Pro will not only download videos from any video sharing website, but it will convert them in order to ensure that you will be able to enjoy them right from your computer.

If this is the feature you were after click here to go to Mac X Video Converter Pro now


What else is there to know about MacX Video Converter Pro?

Have you ever received an audio or video from a friend and tried to open it only to find out you can’t? Perhaps you had to download an audio recording and found out you couldn’t open it? Everyday Mac users encounter issues with receiving a file they are unable to execute.

Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro there’s hope as the software is capable of doing all of this and of course the all important task of being the best mac youtube downloader I have been able to find. In this MacX Video Converter Pro review I will discuss some of the basic features that I loved and to be honest I use all the time.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a conversion application for the Mac OS that is very rich in features. MacX Video Converter Pro has over 400 video and audio codecs built in as well as an HD video decoding engine.

It provides Mac users with a high quality, easy and efficient all-in-one video conversion solution.

This program can convert any of them following video and audio files including: MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVI, MPEG, MP4, H.264, MOV, FLV, F4V, RM, RMVB, WebM and Google TV, so that they are compatible with Mac computers, iMovie, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini,  iPod touch 5, iPod Classic, PSP, Apple TV and iTunes.

This means that a user can use this application to make virtually any audio or video file compatible to any device that uses the Mac operating system.

Macx Video Converter Pro Review 2013

Converts with Ease

The thing that most people do not like about convertors is how long they take or how difficult they can be to use. Fortunately, neither of these are issues that an individual has to worry about with this program. In fact, this program does not require the assistance of any third party codecs or engines in order to convert video on the Mac OS X. The program is also extremely popular because it supports all of the popular SD video formats including: AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4 and MPEG. MacX Video Converter Pro makes these video files compatible with QuickTime, iTunes, and iMovie.


Transfers Compatible Videos

Regardless of what file format the video or audio file you have, this application can transfer it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best part is the fact that MacX Video Converter Pro will make sure that the video and audio being transferred is compatible with the device when it gets there. You will not have to make any effort or take any extra steps in order to make sure the videos can be played by your device when they get there.


Mac Youtube Downloader


Automatically Fixes Corrupted Data

MacX Video Converter Pro was designed to be able to automatically repair and corrupted audio or video files. This is a very unique feature that not many conversion tools offer. It makes the conversion process a lot more stable and reliable for the user.



Although my first reason for buying MacX video converter pro was because I was after a mac youtube downloader that actually works. I decided to do a MacX Video Converter Pro review simply because I am impressed but the software.

When it comes to downloading and converting video and audio files I am extremely impressed by this application and they deserve the credit rather than the crap that is available out there. Even individuals who know next to nothing about their computer accept how to browse the Internet are able to use MacX Video Converter Pro. It is a flawless application that provides the user with high quality video and audio output every single time they use it.

If you are after a mac youtube downloader that works and a piece of software that can do so much more, click here now